The Nomad Brush is now available

We’re proud to announce the Sampli is now stocking the Nomad Brush range of stylus’s for the iPad and other touch screen devices. 

The Nomad Brush is a beautifully constructed, hand-made stylus, specially designed to blend traditional brush making techniques with modern materials, giving you the ultimate tool to design on your iPad. 

We’re proud to be stocking this acclaimed range of brush’s, a perfect addition for anyone who likes to create on their iPad.

We’ve included a brief video below as well as just a few reviews of the Nomad Brush from around the web


“The experience of ‘painting’ on a super-smooth screen takes some getting used to, but the NomadBrush feels very natural, and when using the right digital brush in your art program, the results are stunning….The NomadBrush is a beautifully constructed stylus, resembling a fine watercolor brush, and it makes painting on the iPad a delight.”


“[The Nomad Brush is a] beautiful, handcrafted stylus designed for painting and sketching on the iPad. The stylus feels and looks like an actual paintbrush…. It allows for free-flowing brush strokes much like a real paintbrush, and an elegance of line I was previously unable to achieve using my fingers or a regular stylus.”

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