About Us

Sampli was started by RPM Interactive, a UK based company that works in the area of digital media and marketing. So why branch out with Sampli? We believe that there are certain products like the Kindle, iPhone and iPad that come along and stand out from the crowd, they are truly unique… these gadgets change the way we interact with media and have become part of our daily lives.

With our love for these products also came a desire to find accessories that compliment them, that make them more enjoyable to use. What we found were a lot of accessories that simply were not up to scratch. So we decided to launch Sampli, an online store that would focus on showcasing accessories of the highest quality. We work directly with the product designers and manufacturers, ensuring that we work with companies that have the same ideals as our own.

Sampli is a dedicated store for some truly unique and amazing products that will enhance the things you already love, whether they be an iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nexus or MacBook.

We’d love to hear your feedback, tell us what you love, want or even if it’s just a random idea on how we can serve you better – share it with us directly by contacting us, or reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.