iPad 5 UK Release Pending?

The rumour mill has been in full swing over the past week regarding Apple’s next product update to both it’s iPad and iPad Mini lineup. So what do we know at the moment? Not a whole lot when it comes to definitive answers, but as with everything, plenty of speculation.

Apple is expected to announce the iPad 5 in March or April, which should see it’s UK release in April, roughly in line with the timing of the iPad 3 release in 2012. The new iPad is likely to sport an updated casing though the iPad Mini’s is expected to stay the same.

Finally, to add to the conjecture, the iPhone 5S is expected to be unveiled later in the year, possibly in August! Similar to the 4S update, this won’t see any changes to the exterior of the iPhone, but rather an upgrade to it’s internal components, including the iPhone’s processor and camera. Stay tuned for further updates as we come across them!

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