iOS 7 – All You Need To Know

So Apple has released it’s latest update to iOS 7 and we thought it an opportune time to give you a quick update telling you everything you may want to know about it!

First and foremost, can you actually update and if you do, will you have any features missing? Here is a quick snapshot by device of what will and won’t work for you.

  • iPhone (original): No
  • iPhone 3G: No
  • iPhone 3GS: No
  • iPhone 4: Yes. Does not include AirDrop, Siri or camera filters (you can add filters later in the photos app).
  • iPhone 4S: Yes. No AirDrop.
  • iPhone 5: Yes. Includes all new iOS 7 features.
  • iPod Touch: Only the 5th-generation iPod Touch can upgrade but will include all new iOS 7 features.
  • iPad (original): No
  • iPad 2: Yes. No AirDrop, Siri, camera filters or square format, or Photos app filters.
  • iPad 3rd generation: Yes. No AirDrop or camera filters.
  • iPad 4th generation: Yes
  • iPad Mini: Yes

In terms of what iOS 7 will bring you in terms of design and functionality, the most obvious change relates to the all new flatter, simpler style brought to iOS by Apple design supremo, Jonathan Ive. Some people love it, others not so much but here at Sampli we think it’s a welcome change to iOS, which had begun to look a bit dated in comparison to other operating systems.

Functionality wise, Apple actually packs in a lot of new or enhanced features that make using your iPhone an even better experience. Our favourite is the much needed new control centre that allows you quick access to a lot of your system settings such as WiFi, Brightness and includes a new Flashlight setting. iOS 7 also includes an all-new daily summary in your notifications telling you what you have on for the day as well as things like the days weather. Multi-tasking has had a lick of paint and works a whole lot better, now allowing you to quickly flick through apps to close them down and Siri has some all new powers as well as a new voice to boot! For all you app heads out there (like all of us here) the new operating system includes the ability for your apps to update in the background so they are all ready for you the next time you open them.

On the whole, iOS 7 looks to be a great evolution for Apple without taking away from the familiarity that has made it a huge success. If you haven’t taken the leap yet, head along to your system settings now to update over the air.

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