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Nomad Brush Compose: Dual Tip


The Nomad Brush Compose series is a hand-crafted stylus brush designed for the ultimate creative experience on your iPad or tablet. Acclaimed for it’s design, the original Nomad Brush was awarded a a design award by Macworld.



Using precision-milled aluminum parts, the Long Tip Nomad Brush is 0.7″ long, and is a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The new Glide Bevel Tip is 0.05″ long, and made of the same brush material allowing a truly friction-free stylus experience. The unique dual-tipped design of the Nomad Compose ensures that you can quickly access the preferred tip for creating on your iPad and other touchscreen devices.

Includes: Charcoal Grey Aluminum Handle, Long or Short Brush Tip, New Glide Bevel Tip, Aluminum End Cap, Case.

Want the best of both worlds? Why not buy both the Long and Short Tip versions in our special Nomad Brush Dual Tip Bundle. This includes two Nomad Brush handles and three tips: a Long, Short and Bevel Tip!